Beep Beep! Announcing Reach Roadrunners Cohort II

In the fall of 2021, we launched a new initiative called Reach Roadrunners, a 12-month program focused on building a community of amazing operators and founders, all passionate about building and investing in education and the future of work.

Our first cohort had Roadrunners coming from a wide range of companies including Clever, Calm, Instabase, Uber, Activision, Coursera, VSCO, Guild Education, and more. Some made their first angel investments ever. We invested in Roadrunner-founded startups. And we also invested in several more promising companies that they brought to our attention. Oh — and we had a lot of fun along the way! You can read some of their feedback on the program here.

We are so excited to welcome our next cohort of 34 Roadrunners. They were hand-picked through a rigorous process from hundreds of applications. They are operators, founders, and active practitioners hailing from a range of organizations, including Chegg, Maven, Outschool, Meta, Seesaw, Variant Fund, and more. They are all connected by their shared excitement and passion for education and the future of work.

Here is what some of them said when we asked why they wanted to be a Roadrunner:

“I’m excited about the opportunity to learn from operators, experts and investors who are also defining the future of edtech.”

Girish Krishnaswamy, CBO at Chegg

“I started LeanLab because of a deep held belief that communities of innovators can create change for students at scale — this is why I’m interested in Reach Roadrunners.”

Katie Boody Adorno, Founder and CEO of LeanLab Education

“I’ve spent most of my career in edtech, largely because of the people. I love connecting with kindred spirits that have big ambitions and push my thinking in this space. Based on the first cohort, I can see that the Reach team has assembled a stellar group!”

Rishin Banker, Head of Product at Maven

“I want to join a community of experts who think like me, ask similar hard questions, and are deeply nerdy about outcomes and impact through emerging immersive technologies.”

Jonathan Teske, Future of Education Lead at Meta