We invest ...

early, and support you at every stage of your journey

in early childhood through K-12, higher education and workforce development

across solutions for schools and homes, and those that reach beyond conventional boundaries of learning

at the intersection of edtech and adjacent sectors, including future of work, creator economy, web3, fintech and health

Our Approach

We’re all in.

Strong relationships are the foundation of our investment approach and fundamental to our success. Learn more about our culture and The Reach Way

We’re all ears.

We actively seek and learn from entrepreneurs, educators, parents, policymakers, researchers. We regularly consult with leaders in education, tech, health, workforce and other sectors to help us—and help you.

We’re here for you.

We are doers biased towards action. We’ll always be here, ready to help with whatever you need. Our portfolio supports include:

  • Community and events: From dinner socials to hands-on workshops, from weekly AMAs to our annual Founders’ Day, our year-round programming offers company-building support across leadership, sales, product, marketing, hiring and many other functions. 
  • Founders’ resources: ReachIn is our one-stop shop to the partners, networks, playbooks and exclusive resources to help our founders scale and succeed.

Meet Our Learning Community

In 2020, we began hosting virtual AMAs (Ask Me Anything) to help our founders navigate unprecedented challenges. Today, these AMAs are a staple of our portfolio and community support, where our founders learn from one another alongside other experts and operators in education and technology.

  • Guido Kovalskys

    Reach has been with us since the start. They provide hands-on, tactical support and have been invaluable as our company has grown.

    Guido Kovalskys, Co-Founder of Nearpod

  • Christina Liva Diiorio

    “How can we help?” is commonly offered up in the VC world, but not as commonly acted on. Reach is an anomaly, rolling up their sleeves to do whatever is necessary to support founders.

    Christina Liva Diiorio, Founder and CEO of Yay Lunch

  • Amjad Masad

    Reach helped us land partnerships, close deals, and make crucial hires. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for them. They’re genuinely good people who treat founders like family.

    Amjad Masad, Co-Founder & CEO of Replit

  • Sara Mauskopf

    Reach has been a true partner to Winnie from the early days to now, helping us find true product-market fit, develop our business model and ultimately scale our business.

    Sara Mauskopf, Co-Founder & CEO of Winnie

Our History

Founded in 2015, Reach Capital is a thesis-driven, sector-focused, early-stage edtech investor. The founding partners have been investing together in education technology since 2008, well before edtech was a popular investment category. Since inception, we have intentionally built an expansive network of investment expertise, support partners, and resources for the edtech community.

The Reach Way

Strong relationships are at the core of our work Work in service of our entrepreneurs Be direct but empathetic Be authentic Express gratitude daily Act quickly Embrace humility Never stop learning