Our Approach

As with building a great company, impact at scale does not happen overnight. It’s an ongoing process, one that can be intentional and measurable. We help companies monitor and increase their impact along three dimensions:


Reducing barriers to learning, so opportunity is within reach for all learners, particularly underserved populations and marginalized communities.


Impacting as many learners and teachers as possible wherever they might be — in schools, at home, at work and everywhere else.


Ensuring solutions are rooted in evidence, involve experts in the design process, are beloved by users, and deliver the outcomes they promise.

Higher Ed Impact Report (2023)

In 2017 we developed our higher-ed impact thesis: technology can make 2- and 4-year degrees more accessible through improved (1) instruction, (2) student access and success, and (3) career readiness. From our 14 core investments, what lessons have we learned, and what opportunities for impact lay ahead?

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Reach Capital Higher Ed Impact Report 2023

K-12 Impact Report (2022)

Since 2015 we have made 48 K-12 investments across three funds. With seven years and a ground-shifting global pandemic under our belts, we reflect on our founding hypotheses. Did our investments impact the K-12 sector as we had hoped?

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Reflecting on Our Impact on K-12 Since 2015

Reach II Impact Report (2020)

Get to know the mission-driven founders in our Reach II portfolio — the problems they’re tackling, their innovative approaches to solving them, and progress they’ve made toward achieving their intended outcomes.

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Reach Capital Impact Report 2020

Diversity Delivers

We believe that the funders and builders of solutions should reflect the diversity of communities they serve. Our portfolio is evidence that diverse teams generate greater impact and stronger financial outcomes.

To date, Reach has proportionally invested more dollars in diverse founders than industry averages.
Bar chart showing more female, Hispanic, and Black founders in the REach portfolio than the industry standard
Investments in companies with diverse founding teams perform better.


Bar chart showing that both cost and value are higher for companies founded with at least one female or person of color