Jennifer Wu

Jennifer Wu

Venture Partner

“I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people.”

Maya Angelou

Jen dropped out of the Silicon Valley startup scene and landed in a 4th grade classroom in San Jose. The experience opened her eyes — from wanting to make a difference in one child’s life, to feeling responsibility for all students in her classroom, to seeing systemic inequities in public education. We can do better. She’s been driven by that desire ever since. She’s since worked in ed reform, charter schools, ed tech, and now at Reach Capital.

Why Education?

There’s nothing like seeing a child discover something new that blows their mind (“Ms. Wu, you have to see this!”), solve a hard problem (“This is so crazy, it just might work!”), or see the world differently than they saw it before. (“Ohhhh….”)

Little Known Facts

  • Will travel for climbing and food: Thailand, Sardinia, Dolomites...
  • Aspiring mosaic artist
  • Have torn both ACLs (and have the scars to prove it)
  • Born in the USA, though Taiwanese was my first language
  • Hometown favs: Del’s, Allie’s Donuts, clam cakes, Awful Awfuls