Investing in learning,
at every age.

Reach Capital

Our Mission

Our Mission

We invest in ideas that expand the reach of education. We back audacious founders who believe learning is our best tool to improve the world, ourselves, and the next generation.

Why We Invest

Education empowers people to better their lives.

Impact Transform

We invest in people who believe that education can transform lives.

Impact Foresight

We invest in companies with foresight and adaptability to work through a rapidly changing environment.

Impact all people

We invest in a future that promises all people can reach their full potential.

Together, we're transforming the way we learn across our lifetimes.

A Message From Our Team

Why this work matters to us.

Jennifer Carolan

“I co-founded Reach to bring cutting-edge technology tools into education so that those left behind could gain access to the world's best opportunity equalizer.”

Jennifer Carolan
Shauntel Garvey

“I am proud to back Reach founders that are increasing access to high quality educational experiences so that all learners can reach their full potential.”

Shauntel Garvey
Wayee Chu

“Entrepreneurs are fundamental agents of change. That's why I'm inspired every day by our work supporting mission-driven founders who are building creative solutions and tools that unleash new opportunities, and provide greater access for all learners.”

Wayee Chu
Esteban Sosnik

“Improving access to learning for all is a worthy and interesting area for investing. I can't think of a better investment than in the companies that make it possible.”

Esteban Sosnik

COVID-19 Response

Stepping Up in a
Time of Crisis

When students and families needed educational support during COVID-19, these portfolio companies acted fast.


Digital library with unlimited access to books and learning videos for kids 12 and under.


Supported families by extending access to their digital library to students learning from home.

Epic! has always been free to students at school, but with schools closed and students learning from home, Epic! enabled free access from home through the end of the school year.


HAD FREE ACCESS to Epic at home



“Thank you @epic4kids for allowing access to families during this time. Your generosity has already reached so many of my students. I love logging in and seeing their activity (so many have logged on)!! ❤️ That makes for one 😄 teacher! #teamkidsfirst #epicmasterteacher”

Ms. Pozoulakis

“I’m in ❤️w/ my daughter’s @epic4kids & I’m ready to convince @jcityTNschools to make this a permanent part of our schools this fall. My daughter is addicted to the nonfiction science material & animal facts. She wants ALL the badges🤣.”

Jessica Joyner

“Screen time is a lifesaver for both kids and parents stuck at home, so a popular app called Epic is making it easier than ever for families to provide healthy digital opportunities to their kids.”



Marketplace of live online classes for K-12 learners.


Provided financial assistance to families and free teacher training.

Outschool made $1M worth of classes available for free to affected families including those facing financial hardship and school closures.


to families for free.


to teach K-12, higher ed, and more online.

“My son has been doing classes with @outschool for almost a year now, I think. They have classes for every topic you could think of (from crocheting to coding). They are definitely part of our #Covid19 survival plan!”

Jacy Pietsch

“We've been participating in a Dinosaur Club through @outschool and Ava loves it. ❤️ It's a great way to get a little social interaction while we're going through this #SocialDistancing”

T.M. Sparrow

“As a home to over 10,000 online classes, there’s opportunity for kids to really go deep into their interests in a way that newly minted parent-teachers might not be able to facilitate.”



Drive student success with easy-to-use AI chatbots designed for higher education.


Helped schools and students by providing up-to-the minute information on COVID-19.

AdmitHub launched a free, AI-driven web bot that provides timely information via text messaging on COVID-19, general health and wellness, and school-specific information.


signed up within 36 hours.


adopted by the state of Washington.

“There’s a humanistic connection through a chatbot that I would never have expected. Students are almost more comfortable sharing those fears with a chatbot.”

Katie Carroll

Assistant Director of Admissions, University of Wyoming

“AdmitHub, among several tech companies creating chatbots, offers campuses a framework and information bank with thousands of questions and answers crafted to be “fun but loving, informative and joyful.”

New York Times


A guided mental health and stress relief journaling app for students.


Free app to help students manage stress and promote positive mental health.

Atlas launched the Stand with Schools Initiative on 3/20/20 to make the audio-guided journaling app available for free to help high school students manage the stress of an uncertain environment, school, relationships, and worries about the future.



on the App Store.

“I think Atlas is a great way for me to just write out everything that’s on my mind. I use it right before I go to bed, and I always feel better and less overwhelmed and suffocated by my feelings.”


Student, 17

“[Students are] noticeably calmer, more centered after we start the class with five minutes of the app. So much so that it’s part of our daily routine now.”

Bryan Lorentz

History Teacher

“Atlas makes me feel like I'm not alone.”


Student, 18

How We Invested

We invest in education solutions with the ability to scale to millions of children and adults.

Our Core Reach II Investments

how we invested how we invested

company breakdown

Company breakdown

lab investments

Our LAB Investments

Our lab investments enable exploration of new frontier opportunities for impact, all through the lens of improving social mobility.

English Learning Games for Kids


Deep Dives with Academic Researchers


Transitioning into Adulthood

Real World Playbook | Crash

Professional Development in Modern, Distributed Workplaces

Hone | Sunlight

Learning by Audio


Economic Development in Underdog Cities


Student Mental Health


Teacher and School Community Well-being

Breathe For Change

College Savings Accounts Made Easy


founder diversity

Founder Diversity

Improving education for a diverse country requires diverse founders.

Company Profiles

There is no one solution to improving education, and there are many paths to impact. We make investment decisions based on a portfolio of evidence that is highlighted below for each company.

Evidence-Based Investment Decisions

More than half of the Reach team has advanced degrees in education and more than half are former teachers. Members of our board of advisors are in both higher ed and K12, and they assess and provide feedback. In the ‘intended outcomes’ section of many company profiles, you will find footnoted links to the underlying research. We also present measured outcomes (when available) and leading indicators of progress. We celebrate both reach and efficacy because when a company is achieving research-backed outcomes, we want them to scale as quickly and broadly as possible.

early childhood

Early Childhood


Play essentials designed by experts, for babies and toddlers

More Info

"We are deeply passionate about the importance of early childhood development and helping parents give their babies the best possible start."

Jessica Rolph and Roderick Morris



Parents lack confidence in knowing what's best for their babies and toddlers who are developing incredibly fast


Developmentally appropriate toys and activities for children

Intended Outcomes

Improved interactions between parents and children

Improved neural networks for language, motor control and social emotional skills 1, 2

Market Response

85K active subscribers

Parents love Lovevery

76% NPS*
(across 11 SKUs)

Top selling playmat on Amazon

Top 10 podcast "My New Life" (in iTunes Kids & Family)

1 Staso, W. H. (1997). Brain Under Construction: Experiences That Promote the Intellectual Capabilities of Young Toddlers. Book Two of a Series: 8 to 18 Months. Great Beginnings Press, PO Box 2187, Orcutt, CA 93457

2 Lowe, P., Lee, E., & Macvarish, J. (2015). Biologising parenting: neuroscience discourse, English social and public health policy and understandings of the child. Sociology of Health & Illness, 37(2), 198-211.

*Net promoter score is a measurement of customer loyalty; according to Survey Monkey, the median NPS score for tech companies is 44, with the top quartile scoring above 64; NPS for Apple is 49, Netflix 68.


Connects parents to daycares and preschools with availability, reviews and safety information

More Info

"The vast majority of families need childcare, and it's really hard to find, hard to afford, and hard to assess quality – Winnie helps with all three."

Sara Mauskopf

Co-founder & CEO


Parents need trusted, available, flexible childcare

The search process for childcare can be long, inefficient, and frustrating


Marketplace of care providers and care seekers

Centralized inventory system searchable by availability, location, hours, and children's ages

Intended Outcomes

More efficient childcare searches and matches

Improved utilization of childcare provider capacity

Increased preschool attendance 1,2

Market Response

7M+ parents connected with quality care using Winnie

175K+ licensed child care providers on Winnie’s platform

Parents and providers love Winnie

4.5 out of 5 / 645 ratings on the App Store

“Winnie was an invaluable resource ... We were able to find several [providers] that met our criteria. We scheduled tours, and found a licensed daycare we loved ... They were able to guarantee a spot for when my maternity leave ended! Thanks to Winnie, I was able to enjoy my maternity leave without worrying about finding childcare.”

Rachel, October 2019

“[Winnie's] focus on program quality and accreditation is a major selling point for us because it aligns directly with KinderCare's approach to education and what parents value most in their child care search ... Highly recommended!”

Morgan Gould, KinderCare, Digital Marketing Sr. Manager

1 Meloy, B., Gardner, M., & Darling-Hammond, L. (2019). Untangling the Evidence on Preschool Effectiveness.

2 Wassmer, R. W. (2016). The Importance of Supply and Demand to Policymaking Designed to Alter Preschool Attendance. California Journal of Politics and Policy, 8(4).




K-12 online math content and tools enabling mathematical visualization, fluency and curriculum

More Info

"Every year, we will help more students to learn math and to love learning math. We’re just getting started."

Eli Luberoff

Founder & CEO


Math resources tend to be dull and dry when math itself is innately creative, collaborative, and fun

Too few math learning resources illuminate the playful and relevant side of math


Web-based graphing calculator

Math curriculum and learning activities using research-based math teaching practices to foster engagement, active sense-making, and expression

Intended Outcomes

Improved math attitude 1

Increased student agency 2,3

Improved math achievement 1,2,4

Market Response

Embedded in 35 state-level tests

500 teachers in curriculum pilot

Pilot teachers love the curriculum

75 NPS*

85% said the lessons help their students learn math

90% said the lessons make teaching enjoyable

1 Parrot, M. A. S., & Leong, K. E. (2018). Impact of using graphing calculator in problem solving. International Electronic Journal of Mathematics Education, 13(3), 139-148.

2 Zwiers, J., Dieckmann, J., Rutherford-Quach, S., Daro, V., Skarin, R., Weiss, S., & Malamut, J. (2017). UNDERSTANDING LANGUAGE/STANFORD CENTER FOR ASSESSMENT, LEARNING, AND EQUITY.

3 CAST (2018). Universal Design for Learning Guidelines version 2.2.

4 Quesada, A. R., & Maxwell, M. E. (1994). The effects of using graphing calculators to enhance college students' performance in precalculus. Educational Studies in Mathematics, 27(2), 205-215.

*Net promoter score is a measurement of customer loyalty; according to Survey Monkey, the median NPS score for tech companies is 44, with the top quartile scoring above 64; NPS for Apple is 49, Netflix 68.


SaaS product to manage learning programs and improve instruction for English Language Learners

More Info

"We're committed to helping English Learners in US schools reach their highest aspirations."

Teddy Rice

Co-founder & President


10% of all learners in our K-12 schools are English Language Learners and school districts often lack the resources to adequately welcome and support these students


Data & instructional planning tools to ensure districts’ EL programs meet complex compliance requirements, while also ensuring students succeed academically

Teacher capacity building resources to help classroom teachers effectively differentiate instruction for English Learners

Math program to teach ELs the academic language needed to better access rigorous grade-level content and to participate actively in math classrooms

Intended Outcomes

Improved decision-making by school leaders 1

Improved instruction by classroom teachers

Improved language, literacy, and math skills 2,3

Market Response

1.5M English Learners

200K educators

800+ school districts (58% FRL)

Loved by ELL leaders and children learning English

74 NPS*

58 NPS*

108% net retention
(schools renew and expand contracts)

1 Ragan, A., & Lesaux, N. (2006). Federal, state, and district level English language learner program entry and exit requirements: Effects on the education of language minority learners. Education Policy Analysis Archives/Archivos Analíticos de Políticas Educativas, 14, 1-32.

2 Zwiers, J. (2007). Teacher practices and perspectives for developing academic language. International Journal of Applied Linguistics, 17(1), 93-116.

3 Molle, D., Sato, E., Boals, T., & Hedgspeth, C. A. (Eds.). (2015). Multilingual learners and academic literacies: Sociocultural contexts of literacy development in adolescents. Routledge.

% of students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch, a proxy measure for low-income; national rate is 51%

*Net promoter score is a measurement of customer loyalty; according to Survey Monkey, the median NPS score for tech companies is 44, with the top quartile scoring above 64; NPS for Apple is 49, Netflix 68.


Behavioral science-based interventions to improve student outcomes for schools

More Info

"Parents appreciate receiving actionable information about their child, and districts appreciate the results — increased instructional time and improved academic outcomes for their most vulnerable students."

Emily Bailard



Chronic absenteeism has an outsized impact on our most vulnerable students


Targeted parent communications based on behavioral science

Measured Outcomes

650K absences prevented

Market Response

50 districts (76% FRL)

Impacting students at scale

140%+ net average renewal rate
(schools renew and expand contracts)

2X growth in year-over-year annual recurring revenue

7 of the top 30 largest districts in the US are customers

% of students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch, a proxy measure for low-income; national rate is 51%


Marketplace of live online classes for K-12 learners

More Info

"Where kids love learning."

Amir Nathoo

Co-founder & CEO


Learners are too often limited by the opportunity that is physically around them. What if the neighborhood school could plug into a global community of teachers and learners?


Live, small group classes online

Wide range of subjects and teachers

Intended Outcomes

Increased student autonomy and intrinsic motivation 1

Improved student/teacher relationships 2

Increased learning and academic achievement 3

Market Response

320K learners

1.1M class hours

Parents can't get enough of Outschool

81% recommended Outschool to another parent

5X increase in number of teachers needed during COVID crisis

30x growth year over year

1 Van Loon, A.-M., Ros, A., & Martens, R. (2012). Motivated learning with digital learning tasks: what about autonomy and structure? Educational Technology Research and Development, 60(6), 1015–1032.

2 Watson, J. F. (2007). A National Primer on K-12 Online Learning. North American Council for Online Learning.

3 Finn, J. D., & Achilles, C. M. (1990). Answers and Questions About Class Size: A Statewide Experiment. American Educational Research Journal Fall (Vol. 27).


On-demand, 24/7 live, academic support for K-12 students

More Info

"Education is about accessibility and equality. When students do not have the same access to academic support, it creates an achievement gap that follows them throughout their academic and professional careers."

Philip Cutler

Founder & CEO


All children need learning support, but there is great inequity in access to those resources


Educational support system featuring chat-based tutoring and personalized academic support for students

Actionable class insights to support teachers

Intended Outcomes

Improved academic outcomes 1

Market Response

150 schools (60% FRL)

100K+ students

Paper is catching on in US schools

141% net dollar retention
(schools renew and expand contracts)

Over 3X annual growth rate

1 Chappell, S., Arnold, P., Nunnery, J., & Grant, M. (2015). An Examination of an Online Tutoring Program's Impact on Low-Achieving Middle School Students' Mathematics Achievement. Online Learning, 19(5), 37-53.

% of students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch, a proxy measure for low-income; national rate is 51%


Lunches kids love, delivered fresh to schools daily

More Info

"Yay Lunch was born out of a genuine problem in my own life: how can I get a healthy, thoughtful lunch to my kid every single day?"

Christina Liva

Co-founder & CEO


School lunch programs are often unhealthy and unappetizing for students and costly for schools

For busy parents, making a nutritious lunch is time-consuming


Healthy school meals provided by local food vendors

Intended Outcomes

Improved health outcomes 1

Improved learning outcomes 2

Time-saving for parents

Reduced administrative burden for schools

Market Response

2K students served each week

30+ schools in Pre-K - 12

35+ vendors

Parents love Yay Lunch

90%+ customer retention rate

135 customer orders per year on average

“One less thing I have to think about! I love that the quality of the food is nutritious to fuel my kids.”

Molly M

1 Williams, A. J., Henley, W. E., Williams, C. A., Hurst, A. J., Logan, S., & Wyatt, K. M. (2013). Systematic review and meta-analysis of the association between childhood overweight and obesity and primary school diet and physical activity policies. International Journal of Behavioral nutrition and Physical activity, 10(1), 101.

2 Anderson, M. L. (2018). School Meal Quality and Academic Performance Michael L. Anderson, Justin Gallagher, and Elizabeth Ramirez Ritchie October 23, 2018. Summary.

higher education

Higher Education


Learning experience platform for remote and hybrid learning in higher education

More Info

"Student engagement is central to everything a university does ... We can build a product that has the potential to radically change the experience of teaching and learning across whole institutions."

Anders Krohn

Co-founder & CEO


Two-thirds of college students are now transfers, over age 24, and/or veterans or attendees of a two-year institution

Poor digital learning experiences contribute to poor enrollment and retention outcomes


A platform that enables a digital class with community at the center of the learning experience, easing educators’ transition to active and social learning

Intended Outcomes

Build and maintain social capital 1

Enable students to engage in new instructional practices 1

Increase student engagement rates

Improve retention

Save educators time

Market Response

9 university partners

Connecting students to their learning anytime, anyplace

2x+ engagement rates
(over prior LMS)

“I don’t often see this level of excitement from faculty about this product.”

Portland State University Provost

“Aula has made online delivery an absolute delight and I think students are benefitting more this way than from conventional delivery!”

Coventry University educator

1 Greenhow, C., & Robelia, B. (2009). Old communication, new literacies: Social network sites as social learning resources. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 14(4), 1130-1161.


Platform enabling online advanced math capabilites for post-secondary learning

More Info

"If you improve math competition rates, you can increase the likelihood of graduation and long-term career success."

Devlin Daley

Co-founder & CEO


Math is a key gatekeeping subject for earning a college degree 1, building professional relevance, and thriving in the modern economy

Achievement in math requires fluency and personalized feedback, which is difficult for instructors to provide at scale

Traditional educational systems lack the content and technical infrastructure to respond to modern demands


Online math homework system with an extensive library of math content

Mastery based approach with real-time feedback for math learning

Integrated math platform enables effective instruction and assessment at scale in on-campus and online learning environments

Intended Outcomes

Increased graduation and job placement rates

Increased student engagement and academic achievement 2

Increased efficiency, security, accessibility, and academic integrity for the delivery of math education

Market Response

35 universities and colleges, 10 high schools

The modern online solution for advanced math capabilities

“Using Derivita was amazing! Probably the best experience I've ever had with online courses. Very easy to use. 10 out of 10!”

Student, Yavapai College

“What really impressed me was their ability to give meaningful, insightful feedback.”

Dean Math & Computer Science, Pasadena City College

“It’s so much cleaner, integrates better with the gradebook. I don’t know why you would ever do anything else to be perfectly blew my mind.”

Professor of Mathematics, Yavapai College

1 Institute for Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education, 2016

2 Barmaki, R., & Hughes, C. E. (2015, November). Providing real-time feedback for student teachers in a virtual rehearsal environment. In Proceedings of the 2015 ACM on International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (pp. 531-537).


Platform connecting college students with career opportunities

More Info

"Talent is distributed evenly across the population but opportunity is not. Our mission is to democratize access to opportunity."

Garrett Lord

Co-founder & CEO


Over 80% of students cite the prospect of a job as a critical factor in their decision to enroll in college. Yet, once enrolled, only 34% feel confident in their ability to participate in the job market. 1

41% of recent college graduates are underemployed 2

Historically, recruiters only visited top tier colleges, limiting career opportunities


A national network of universities and employers that connect college students to jobs

Intended Outcomes

More students find good jobs 3

Fewer unfilled positions 3

Market Response

5M student profiles (33% Pell grant recipients)

900+ universities and partners

500K+ employers

Increased career opportunities for students

74 NPS*
(university director)

Over 1.3X increase in students engaged

5X increase in # of employers and jobs
(vs. previous career system)

1 Strada, Gallup 2017

2 U.S. Census Bureau and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survey (IPUMS); U.S. Department of Labor, O*NET

3 Mourshed, M., Farrell, D., & Barton, D. (2013). Education to employment: Designing a system that works. McKinsey Center for Government.

% of students that receive Pell Grants, a proxy measure for low-income; national rate is 35%

*Net promoter score is a measurement of customer loyalty; according to Survey Monkey, the median NPS score for tech companies is 44, with the top quartile scoring above 64; NPS for Apple is 49, Netflix 68.


Platform connecting college students with businesses to enable real-world application of their learning

More Info

"Our mission is to empower emerging talent to build relevant skills and find jobs that they love."

Dana Stephenson

Co-founder & CEO


College students lack the work experience, networks, career clarity, and relevant skills needed to enter the job market successfully

Employers have poor access to talent with the needed skills, and many lack the brand recognition that appeals to college students

Colleges need to prove their relevance by helping students be career ready and able to meet the needs of employers


An experiential learning marketplace, that matches students with real-world projects from specific industries that take place inside the curriculum or through virtual internships

Intended Outcomes

For students – increased career skills, increased employability, and increased starting salary 1,2

For universities – improved student retention, graduate employment rates

For employers – increased and higher quality candidate pool, employee retention

Market Response

220+ post-secondary institutions

1000+ educators

10K+ industry partners

50K students

Students and employers value Riipen

90% of academic courses on platform matched with industry partners

124% net dollar retention
(post-secondary institutions renew and expand contracts)

“Choosing to take a Riipen project was the best thing for me ... all of the soft skills that work in my favour now ... I learned these through my Riipen project.”

Justin Mosbey

1 Silva, P., Lopes, B., Costa, M., Seabra, D., Melo, A. I., Brito, E., & Dias, G. P. (2016). Stairway to employment? Internships in higher education. Higher Education, 72(6), 703-721

2 Gault, J., Leach, E., & Duey, M. (2010). Effects of business internships on job marketability: the employers' perspective. Education+ Training.

lifelong learning

Lifelong Learning


Emotional well-being app that provides personalized wellness content

More Info

"Aura helps people build emotional resilience and find peace by delivering wisdom from the world's best coaches and therapists in personalized, bite-sized pieces."

Steve Lee

Co-founder & CEO


Hundreds of millions suffer from their mental health, each with unique challenges


Mobile app that provides quality mindfulness meditations, life coaching, and more, and learns what works for each person

Intended Outcomes

Lifelong habit of self-care

Improved emotional health, sleep quality, and general wellness

Lower stress 1

Improved well-being 2

Improved ability to cope 1, focus 2 and learn 3

Market Response

300K monthly active users (MAUs)

Users love Aura

4.7 out of 5 / 17.9K ratings on the App Store

Best of Apple Award

“Aura is my place of refuge and safety; I use Aura daily to ground myself in mornings and for sleep”

Appstore user

1 Weinstein, N., Brown, K. W., & Ryan, R. M. (2009). A multi-method examination of the effects of mindfulness on stress attribution, coping, and emotional well-being. Journal of research in personality, 43(3), 374-385.

2 Moore, A. W., Gruber, T., Derose, J., & Malinowski, P. (2012). Regular, brief mindfulness meditation practice improves electrophysiological markers of attentional control. Frontiers in human neuroscience, 6, 18.

3 Zeidan, F., Johnson, S. K., Diamond, B. J., David, Z., & Goolkasian, P. (2010). Mindfulness meditation improves cognition: Evidence of brief mental training. Consciousness and cognition, 19(2), 597-605.


Online advanced courses for students to learn data, design, and coding with wrap-around support from mentors and community

More Info

"Springboard is bridging the world-skills gap."

Gautam Tambay

Co-founder & CEO


The cost of college has skyrocketed in the last decade yet 41% of recent college grads are underemployed 1

This generation will need to invest in professional education every 2-3 years


Personalized experience to meet the needs of the modern learner

Education outcomes focused on jobs in the new economy

A 1:1 network of mentors distributed around the globe

Measured Outcomes

$26K average increase in salary (UX and data science students)

94% placement of eligible grads within 12 months

Market Response

1,800 students placed

Springboard is a career booster

3X growth in enrollments in a year

Student satisfaction 82 (CSAT)§

“This was the best decision I have made in my entire life... I am a single mom with a full time job. I thought there was no way I could take this on too. I did and I finished. You can too. Invest in yourself!”

Fanny Arenas

1 U.S. Census Bureau and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survey (IPUMS); U.S. Department of Labor, O*NET

§ CSAT: Consumer satisfaction score, average score across industries is 76.5 (American Customer Satisfaction Index, 2019).

Our Impact

Individual transformation.
Collective change.

our impact

Hear from the people who use
products from our portfolio.


“Springboard gets it! I had an extremely great experience with the Data Scientist career track and had multiple job offers before I completed my curriculum with Springboard.”

Alfred Hull
Course Report


“If you're a #teacher and haven't signed up to teach on @Outschool you are missing out!! I just had the most amazing #STEM class about beaver dam engineering from 5-545 AM with 9 AMAZING kids (ages 7-9) from all around the world!”

Ella Bowling


“I love that the kits are developmentally appropriate. As a first time mom it’s sometimes hard to know what to play when and how to play with a baby. The kits are so helpful in all of those ways!”

Elizabeth M.
Lovevery Reviews


“I love it - it's great for helping my students make meaningful connections in their professional fields.”



“It’s like I’ve found the secret mom bible. It’s tough being a parent and it really does take a village. Winnie can be that village for you.”

Laur M-A
App Store


“OH MY GOODNESS! One of my students made an equipotential simulator in @Desmos and it is THE GREATEST THING EVER. #iteachphysics

Matt Blackman

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