Fueling a lifetime of learning.

We are a passionate and diverse group of people committed to empowering
learners and educators. From early childhood education to professional
development and everything in between, our investments inspire people to reach
their full potential through the transformative power of education.

Investing with a fresh perspective.

In our work, financial success and social impact are non-negotiables. This guiding mission helps us pinpoint ambitious entrepreneurs with game-changing ideas and the gumption to see them through. When we engage, we go all in — taking bold bets and working relentlessly to support them.


Expanding the definition of education.

Education is more than formal schooling, diplomas and graduations. It is defined by more than a single methodology or the latest technology. It is an accumulation of experience, knowledge, skills and the development of oneʼs own perspective. We look for platforms and products that inspire and empower learners at every life stage.

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We are teachers, parents, entrepreneurs and investors.


In other words, weʼve been there. Our combined expertise and experience make us attuned to the opportunities in the space and empathic to entrepreneurial challenges.