Building a world where every student loves learning math.

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Founded By

  • Eli Luberoff
  • Eric Berger

Founded in 2007

San Francisco, CA

Desmos Studio

Desmos Studio is a Public Benefit Corporation with a goal of helping everyone learn math, love math, and grow with math. Everyone has an inner mathematician, but some people haven’t been given the opportunity, encouragement, or tools to discover theirs. Desmos prioritizes equity and accessibility at every level of its work. 

Its free suite of math tools, including the Graphing Calculator, is used annually by over 75 million people around the world. Those tools help people represent their ideas mathematically, connect different representations dynamically, make conjectures, and then develop entirely new ideas. They also result in some pretty spectacular art.

Desmos partners with the world’s most popular curricula and learning software, and with the majority of U.S. state-level assessments and digital college entrance exams.

Desmos Classroom 

Desmos Classroom is part of Amplify Education! Learn more.

Desmos Classroom invites, celebrates, and develops student brilliance through free digital classroom activities, thoughtfully designed by teachers for teachers. Those activities are guided by its pedagogical philosophy and help students to explore concepts deeply, collaborate with their peers on problem-solving, and apply knowledge creatively as mathematicians.

In 2020, Desmos turned those experiences into a core middle school math program, now Amplify Math + Desmos Classroom, combining a problem-based curriculum from Illustrative Mathematics, scalable support models from Amplify, and Desmos Classroom’s intuitive technology and humanizing pedagogy.