Reach Capital Principal Enzo Cavalie - Edtech Investor


Announcing Enzo Cavalie’s Promotion to Principal

As the Reach funds, portfolio and our companies grow, so do our people. We are proud to announce that Enzo Cavalie, who joined us in 2021 as an Associate, has been promoted to Principal!

Enzo is a rare case of someone who’s steadfastly pursued a career in venture capital since finishing college. In getting to know him I realized that actually his goal is to help and learn from founders. That is his driving force and the reason he is such an exceptional venture capitalist.

Enzo is the creator of Startupeable, the leading podcast for entrepreneurs in Latin America. With an audience of more than 50,000 monthly readers and listeners, he interviews leading founders, investors and executives in the startup ecosystem across Latin America. His success demonstrates Enzo’s dedication to his craft, his love of learning and his passion for the startup ecosystem — all values that align perfectly with Reach’s.

Enzo came into Reach as an Associate early in his career but already with experience in two venture firms. He quickly started making an impact. In his time with us so far he has provided invaluable support on numerous diligences, refined a number of internal processes and operations, interfaced with hundreds of founders, and continued to develop his own perspective on the edtech market and investing. He has participated in boards and supported our founders, leveraging his network and providing valuable feedback to product and marketing initiatives.

“Enzo is my go-to person for all things related to branding and content,” says Michel Mosse, co-founder and CEO of Owners, a company supporting home services professionals. “He excels in his generosity, curiosity, and consistency — qualities that are hard to find.”

His impact on Reach has also translated into new investments. Enzo creatively sourced Innovamat, a math curriculum company, where after his introduction we led their first institutional round in 2022. Enzo is now a board observer in Innovamat as well as in Coderhouse, the leading provider of live digital skills training in Latin America.

“Enzo is a great person to have as an investor,” says Christian Patiño, Coderhouse’s founder and CEO. “He’s super well connected in LatAm and always makes sure you talk to the right people in the ecosystem.”

We could not be happier to have Enzo continue to grow in our team and drive impact across all facets of our business. Congratulations Enzo!