Founders' Corner

What’s the Edtech Fundraising Environment in 2017?

by Esteban Sosnik

Dear Esteban,

I work for a local edtech company that is planning to raise a round this year. What’s the fundraising environment for edtech companies in 2017?

— California Raisin’

Dear California Raisin’,

This is a good question and one we follow closely. While we have recently had very good news on the fundraising front for our portfolio companies, we are aware that the market, in general, is tight. And we are making sure all our portfolio companies are aware of these market conditions and managing their cash accordingly. As a matter of fact, my partner at Reach, Jennifer Carolan, recently wrote a letter to the founders and CEOs of our portfolio companies reflecting on the fundraising environment in 2016 and what to expect for 2017. While it’s hard to predict the future, I thought her answer might help you. Below are the highlights…